Wait…What Day is It?

Today’s Bible Reading- Numbers Chapters 32-33 & Mark Chapter 10 Verses 1-31.

Good morning, friends! How is your day so far? It’s sunny here with a promise of being in the 70s today.

I’m sitting here enjoying my bowl of grits and a cup of coffee. The birds outside are happy, the cats are lazy and it’s a busy day today.

So….yesterday was Wednesday, but it felt like a Thursday. It honestly feels like a Friday for me today. I have to remind myself it’s not. I digress. I called a tire shop and they were super friendly. The quote they gave me was reasonable and it includes installation of the new tires. I’ll be having that done this afternoon.

My lab work came back okay. All was normal except one thing, and it was way low. My doctor feels it would be beneficial to keep my current dose of thyroid medication. It’s probably a pendulum effect. My body is still adjusting to the new dose, so the lab results are wonky. My prescription is being refilled as we speak. I also have to go pick up one of Mom’s prescriptions today but at a different pharmacy.

Yesterday, after I had gotten the money out for the tires, I was thinking about this shop in town that I’ve never been to. It sells used cds and records. I decided to go over there and see if they had any Electric Light Orchestra cds. They had three and I ended up buying two of them. Now I can jam to ELO in my car ad-free! Without a subscription!

I do have to take the car to the car wash today and wash the cat pee off. My neighbor’s cats have it smelling awful. I know it won’t last, but at least it’d be fresh for the people changing my tires.

In other news, I’m slowly starting again on the sock. This time I’m going to take my time and count each stitch so I know what’s going on. It’ll take heaps more time, but I’d rather do that and come out with a nice prototype than ruin another skein of sock yarn. I’m using a heavier weight yarn so I can see the stitches better.

Well, that’s my update for today. Since I’ll have new tires, I may try to go to my friends’ church again this week. It’s supposed to be cold again, so we’ll see what happens.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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