Saturday Adventure

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 1-2 & Mark Chapter 11 Verses 1-19.

Happy Dusk, my friends! It’s been a long day. This morning I only had two cats outside (Slinky and Tabitha), so I opened one can and split it between them. As they were just finishing, Thelma shows up with the neighbor’s brood. I opened a can for her and she ate about half and then Slinky ate the rest. Stubby didn’t show up for breakfast.

Seeing as how the food was getting a bit low, I thought I’d order some, but due to shipping issues it wouldn’t get here until Wednesday, and I only have enough through Monday. I could, however, with a few changes, order online and pick up in the store today. The store is about an hour away but it’s the closest one. Beggars can’t be choosers, so I clicked and purchased the food for pickup.

I did oversleep today, so all this ordering was done around 10 am or 10:30 am. It was ready within 20 minutes, but I was not. I think we left around 1 pm or so. The traffic was heavy but we made it. While I was in the store, a spider popped out of the air vent in the car. My mom was sitting there waiting for me, so she nabbed him up and tossed him out the door. He was still alive when he was ejected. If I wasn’t so afraid of the dang things, he might have been cute. Fuzzy and black with some fluorescent orange spots. I’m glad it came out when I was in the store and not driving. Otherwise there may have been a wreck.

Before we went home, the gas station in my town had a BBQ food truck so Mom and I opted for a couple of brisket plates instead of our usual Saturday pizza. It was good but mine had a bunch of fat on it. Like……one piece was 95% fat.

When we got home, and before we ate our brisket, I found a “present” that Slinky left on our porch. A baby mole. 😦 It was so little. It was so cute. It was also very dead. Now, I know cats do that instinctively. I know it’s their way of complimenting you and letting you know they like you. Slinky has been very thoughtful with her gifts. We’ve gotten a bird, mice, a couple of squirrels, and a chipmunk. This was the first baby mole. It was so adorable. Oh. She’s also brought lizards. She was so proud of it. She was just watching me to see how I’d react. I said ‘thank you for the present. Let’s put it in the present patch so the other cats won’t get it.’ Then I donned my gloves, got some paper towels, wrapped the little one up and put him back in the unused garden bed. Slinky was so happy. She was trotting and chirping and purring. She thinks I have a special place to put “presents.”

After feeding the cats, I noticed the bird feeder was grimy so I decided to clean it and put fresh water in. I forgot, however, that fire ants made a home underneath the bird bath. I have a couple of good bites on my left ankle now. Mom suggested rubbing them with an alcohol swab so they wouldn’t itch and burn so bad. It definitely helps.

Now, I’m in my jammies and ready for bed at 5:30 in the afternoon. The sun is still shining brightly, so I have a ways to go before bed time, but I’m ready for it. I had hoped to get some laundry done today, but I think it’ll happen tomorrow or Monday.

Well, that is my update for today. I realize it’s a lot later than usual, but this was a busy day with lots of unexpected things. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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