Monday Morning

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 3-4 & Mark Chapter 11 Verses 20-33.

Good morning, friends. I hope you’re having a good start to the week. I woke up about three this morning with my heart pounding so hard I could hear it, and I was sweating, and my left arm was hurting. I wonder if I slept wrong somehow and my body was trying to get me back in a normal position. Either that or I was having a mini heart attack.

Yesterday was beautiful. I used the last bit of charcoal up and grilled pork chops for dinner. Our sides were mashed potatoes and a baby veggie medley in a garlic butter sauce.

This morning bodes well. We have another beautiful sunny day ahead of us. Our high will be around 60 degrees, and no rain is expected. I have more tulips popping up, so that’s exciting.

I took a day off yesterday. After all, it’s a day of rest, but I didn’t do laundry like I was planning or crochet. I cooked and I planned the garden out for this year. It’s going to be quite the spread! Potatoes, peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin and lettuce. Yep. A much bigger spread than last year. I’m looking forward to it, too. I was watching a couple of videos of people on homesteads with gardens, and I saw something I’d never thought of! Using poultry netting and thin fence posts as a trellis for the plants! It looks like a simple setup. Put the fencing up and attach it to the poles, then plants the plants in front and train them to climb if they’re climbers. That’d be great for the peas, zucchini, cucumbers and tomatoes. I think I’ll try that this year.

Today’s goals definitely include laundry. Other than that, I do need to wash my hair, and I have a bill to pay. That’s about it. Gracie is still sleeping and Mom is still sleeping, so I’m going to get in the shower and get my day started. I’m already one cup of coffee in, and this is probably going to be a two cuppa day.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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