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Sunny Days

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 8-13 & Mark Chapter 12 Verse 28- Chapter 13 Verse 13.

Good morning, my friends! I hope you’re well. It’s another beautiful sunny morning here. I didn’t check to see if there were any clouds in the sky, but the sun sure is bright. Our high today will be 73 degrees!

I have a better start to this morning. My bed is made, my Bible is read, the cats are fed, and I’ve already made the menu for next week. I just have to balance the bank accounts and make sure everything is good to go, and then I may make a trip out and about today.

The meeting I went to last night was fairly short, but has set me on another adventure. The Republican party reorganizes at a local level every two years. They vote for officers for each voting precinct and those officers attend a monthly meeting. I had no idea this was done until I saw a post on social media. I figured I would check it out just to see how everything was done. Because of ‘Rona restrictions, only one person per household was allowed, and multiple meetings were made to cover the voting districts. For instance, last night, two voting districts were represented, and people from each voting precinct in that district were present. Well…….they were supposed to be present. In my voting district, I was the only person present. The only person. My voting precinct has over 1500 Republican voters, and has 11 delegates it sends to the county GOP convention. Since I was the only one present, guess who gets to do all of that. I admit I wasn’t prepared to take that on, but because I was there, I can represent my voting precinct, and I have a vote on behalf of my voting precinct.

Enough about politics. Today’s agenda includes a trip to a local dairy farm. Mom opened up a new milk this morning, and it smells spoiled. Since I was thinking about grocery shopping today anyways, I’ll make the hour-long trip to pick up everything I can possibly get from there that’s on my list. Aldi has the best shepherd’s pie, so there’ll be a trip made there to pick one up, and they are featuring the cutest little pancake pan I’ve ever seen. It looks like it makes silver dollar size pancakes but they have little designs on them. So cute!

Gracie was like a different cat last night. Her eyes were clear, she was very vocal (in a good way), she was bouncing around and scratching on furniture she hasn’t scratched on in forever. She was attacking my toes and just chattering away to me. It’s an answer to prayer, really. She’s not a morning person, so she’s sleepy today, but it was a joy to see her like her old self last night. I pray it continues.

Speaking of cats, one of the nuisances from next door thought it’d be fun to dig up one of my tulips so they could take a dump in my flower bed. 😒 They really are a nuisance, but cats are going to do what cats do. Unless you put them in an enclosed pen outside, they’re gonna go where they want. It’s frustrating, though, when you’ve put work into having a beautiful flower bed and they dig it up.

Well, it’s a beautiful day and I need to get my booty moving. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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