Prepping for Spring

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 26-27 & Mark Chapter 15 Verses 1-32.

Good morning, friends, from a cold and rainy place! Our high is only going to be 52 degrees, and we’ll be having rain all day long. 🥶

Yesterday, I did a little landscaping in front of our porch. I think it looks a bit better than it did.

As you can see, I purchased a few too many pansies, so I’ll have to find them a home. Not today, though. It’s pouring down rain at the moment, and Mom and I are in a bit of a transportation bind.

See, Pop had to put his truck in the shop and it ended up needing a new engine. It was less expensive to replace the engine versus getting a new car. So, Pop told them to replace the engine. Well, the pickle is that the truck is now ready, but Pop is out of state working, and I’m the only driver available. At the moment, it looks as if Mom and I will have to get a Lyft to the shop and drive the truck home. All this has to be done this morning because Mom has an appointment at two.

My other options would be Mom paying for the truck over the phone, I walk to the bus stop and catch a bus to the nearest stop by the mechanic. Then drive the truck home. There are other various ways of getting the truck home, but the two I just mentioned are the most popular and least time consuming.

Either way, it has to be done today, and it will get done. Back to the flowers.

The two large planters in the above picture had some old soil in them, so I used the hoe on them yesterday and got the soil out. Then I spread it over what used to be a flower bed, and I planted a ton of butterfly and hummingbird mix. I also planted a row of pansies at the front. Now, you’ll notice two colors of soil. The reddish soil is what we normally have but the black soil was in the planter that didn’t have drainage holes.

I also have some tulip pictures to share!

I took the tulip pictures a few days ago when it was super nice and sunny.

Well, folks, that’s my update for today. Gracie is a bit puny today, but she did manage to beg for food this morning, so she isn’t as puny as she has been. When she doesn’t beg for food, I know she’s feeling bad.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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