Needing Some Encouragement

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 31-32 & Luke Chapter 1 Verses 1-23.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. We’re expecting some pretty severe weather here today, so in case the power goes out, I’m writing before I do anything else.

Yesterday was a tough day. Gracie had her appointment. Her blood pressure was a little low, but nothing to write home about. Her x-ray, though, showed a large mass between her lungs and her stomach. Because the vet I go to doesn’t have special equipment, they have referred Gracie to a veterinary hospital in the big city an hour away.

Currently, there are two trains of thought about the mass. The first one, obviously, would be a tumor which could either be cancerous or benign. The second thought is a possible hernia. To determine exactly what it is, Gracie needs an ultrasound. Then, depending on the outcome, we’ll either have surgery options or the potential of saying goodbye.

Honestly, I had bad dreams all night. I made the mistake of looking up this vet hospital, and they have some good reviews but they have some pretty bad ones, too. Bad as in they won’t listen to the owners, their first line of questioning isn’t about the pet-it’s about money, and one lady even said that her dog went in for a routine test and came out the back door in a box.

I don’t like the idea of putting Gracie in the hands of someone who potentially could care more about money than actually helping pets. If this is the same place I took Cricket to a few years ago, then yes, I believe the bad reviews. They did only care about money. She was severely dehydrated and they wanted to keep her overnight and charge me $1,000 just for the overnight stay. Not including the IV and fluids.

Either way, my mind is going to dark places today and the weather pretty accurately depicts my mood. I feel like having a good cry because I could potentially be saying goodbye to my fur baby. She’s lost another half pound, too, so something is definitely going on. I have to get her appointment set up this morning, so I would appreciate prayers that we can get her in quickly and that I’ll have the wisdom and finances to make the right decision.

Finances are a big issue at the moment. My vet is pretty affordable, but this is more of a franchise type vet. They have another hospital in our neighboring state. Their site seems to give the appearance that they are fairly inflexible with payment plans and such. Needless to say, my anxiety levels are astronomical today.

Friends, please pray that I’ll have wisdom and strength to make the right decisions. That if this is crazy expensive, I’ll have the finances to pay for it. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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