Post-Rain Chill

Today’s Bible Reading- Deuteronomy Chapters 33-34 & Luke Chapter 1 Verses 24-38.

Good morning, friends. I’m going to be honest.WordPress is frustrating me today. I don’t know what they did, but I’m not a fan of having to reset the font size every time I start a new paragraph.

Other than that conundrum, how are you? I had a rough day yesterday. Thank you for the prayers. The vet in the big city called and set up Gracie’s appointment. They are looking for a diaphragmatic hernia. Those were the words they used. Having done some medical coding and being interested in medical things, I know what that is and I know it’s fixable. The first time they called, the vet’s office set up her appointment for April 9, the day after my birthday. The Internist department is booked through June, so the surgery department has the same machine and that was the opening they had available. A couple of hours later, the vet called again and the oncology department–who has the same machine as well–had a March 30 appointment open up. So, Gracie will be having her ultrasound on March 30 at 2 pm. Prayers would be appreciated.

Today will be a nippy 57 degrees. We had quite the rain storm yesterday and were under a tornado watch for close to 4 hours, but the sunshine broke out late in the afternoon and it was absolutely beautiful! The wind had blown the Bradford pear trees around quite heavily, so it looked like snow was on the ground. I call it Southern snow.

I have yet to make my menu for the next week, but I suspect we may do some grilling out. We’re out of charcoal, but I think one of the stores I was looking at had charcoal on sale. I just have to remember which store it was. Grilling makes life a whole lot easier. Not so many dishes to wash and when it gets warm out, it gives the kitchen a break from the heat.

Basically, my day today will be menu planning, groceries, bills, bank account balancing, and that’s about it. That’s a lot though. I also need to get my hair washed. Oh! I have a garden update! The tomato seedlings have come up, as well as the marigolds! Isn’t that awesome? And with all this rain we’ve had, we should have a fairly easy time getting the garden plot ready. I don’t want to do it yet. Maybe in two weeks. That’ll be Good Friday. That’s usually a good time to do garden work in my area.

Well, that’s my update for today, folks. I have lots to do and little time to do it in. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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