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Wednesday Chatter

Today’s Bible Reading- Joshua Chapters 9-13 & Luke Chapter 3 Verse 1-Chapter 4 Verse 30.

Good morning, friends. It’s going to be an overcast day today with a high of 74 degrees. The next few days are bringing some heavy storms to the area, so if I want to get the garden plot turned over, today is the day.

Yesterday ended up being a day out, but it was needed. Gracie had a bad day, but she seems a little better this morning. I opened a new bag of dry food for her and she really chomped down, so maybe that was the issue. She’s always been very sensitive to how fresh food is. Cricket was like that, too. Gracie chitchatted at me a little bit while I was washing her bowl and the food scoop. I apparently wasn’t going fast enough for her. I also cleaned out her litter box yesterday and gave it a good scrubbing.

I did get a load of laundry done yesterday morning, and I already have a load in the dryer this morning. That’s a big plus. Clean clothes are awesome! I’d also like very much to change my sheets, but Gracie is currently using my bed as her bed. I don’t want to disturb her, so I’ll probably wait until later this afternoon to get the sheets done.

Today is Wednesday and that means the grocery sales papers are out. It’ll be nice to see what’s on sale this week. I definitely don’t need eggs. I forgot I still had almost a half dozen from the dairy farm, and I bought another dozen because I knew I was making breakfast for tonight. I found this pancake recipe that turns out delicious pancakes. Mom really enjoyed them. They almost have a buttermilk flavor, but there’s no buttermilk. I also have some sausage that I hope will be thawed out, and I have regular eggs or I have some hard-boiled eggs I made yesterday from the leftover farm eggs.

I have to admit, the farm eggs don’t give me the upset, sulfur-like stomach that store eggs do. It must be what the chickens are fed. I kind of stopped eating eggs for a while because whenever I did, this sulfur smell would come out of my pores, and I had the worst gas. But I had bought some of the farm eggs because I needed eggs for the pancake batter and for scrambled eggs. They didn’t bother me at all.

Last night’s supper was fajitas. They were a hit. Mm. I had three. There’s enough left for one person, and I’ll probably eat that for lunch.

The flowers are still coming up. One of the tulips is sprouting a second flower. It’s very exciting. I also have a purple one and two red ones! I think I already mentioned that. Either I told you or I told my bestie.

Well, that’s my update for today. Just trying to keep the bills up, but get the ground ready for the rain. This Sunday is Palm Sunday, and usually Good Friday is when we plant around here. It’s going to be a busy year this year. I can see that. Lots of things to do.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

Oh! Here’s a little P.S. for ya! is having their spring homeschool sale right now. Loads of stuff already at wholesale prices have been reduced. Just a heads up for ya. 🙂

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