Big Day

Today’s Bible Reading- Joshua Chapters 23-24 & Luke Chapter 6 Verses 27-49.

Good morning, friends. It is indeed a big day today. Gracie sees the vet at two ‘o’ clock this afternoon. She is up and staring out my window at the moment. She doesn’t quite realize yet that her dry food isn’t sitting out for her to munch on. I know she has to be hungry, but for some reason, we have to go all those hours without giving her food. Poor thing.

My nerves are on the edge today. Of course, my brain is traveling to all the worst case scenarios. I’m trying to confront each of those thoughts with reality. I don’t know what today’s visit holds. It could be a hernia, it could be a tumor-benign or cancerous, it could be some kind of blockage. God knows the situation and whatever the result it, He will give me grace and sustain me.

We may get there today and they take her straight to surgery or for a biopsy. We may get there and they schedule those things. We may get there and they give us really bad news that will result in tough decisions. We may also get there and find that God has completely healed whatever was wrong. That would be awesome! Either way, God is in control of today. He knows what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I’m trusting that He’ll provide the answers we need.

Mom and I were talking last night. We should never talk about serious things like this at night because we’re both exhausted and not thinking straight. Anyways, we were talking and we both felt that if it was a cancerous tumor that would cost more than we could afford to treat, I’d probably just take her home and let her live out her days. She’s still very active. She was playing up a storm the other day. It’s funny. She’ll just be sitting there, and then she takes off like a shot down the hall, plays with her mouse for about five or six good swats and then she huffs and lies down for a nap.

Today promises to be a good day. Little chance of rain with a high in the lower 70s. It’s a bit chilly at the moment, but I have my summer pjs on. It’s also taco Tuesday! I have the beef thawing in the fridge, but I need to pull out the turkey tenderloin for tomorrow’s dinner.

If you think of it, please pray for us today as we travel to the vet’s office. This is a specialist, and they are a good hour from our house. We’ll have to leave between noon and 12:45 to get there as we’ll be running in to lunch hour traffic. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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