Praise God in All Things

Today’s Bible Reading- Judges Chapters 1-5 & Luke Chapter 7.

Good morning, friends. I’m hoping y’all are well. It’s a rainy morning here and we’re expecting it to be in the upper 60s to lower 70s today.

Thank you for all the prayers. The Lord be praised for everything He’s done! Gracie went to the vet yesterday, and we didn’t get home until 8 ‘o’ clock last night. It was a long day for all of us. The vet looked her over, looked at her x-rays and thought the mass was more indicative of a tumor. Not the news we wanted, but she wanted to make sure and ordered a CT scan. They had to put Gracie out for it, and they did a complete scan of her body. They did an electrocardiogram beforehand because she had low blood pressure. Good news! She doesn’t have any cardiac issues! Then the news got better. The CT scan gave a much better view of the mass and it looks like it is a diaphragmatic hernia that is compressed. The radiologist has to confirm, but that’s the opinion of the vet.

If that’s the case, she’ll probably need to have surgery to repair it, so please help us pray that we can get that done. She was well-loved there. The vet said that everyone absolutely loved her and she was carried around everywhere they went. She took a bit longer to come out of anesthesia, but they also had her laying on a towel-covered heating pad. She absolutely loved that! She loves heating pads anyways.

On our way home, we picked up some chicken for supper, and she was begging like crazy for some food. She ate all the dry food I put down for her and the wet food I gave her, and she bummed some chicken off my mom. Well, she kind of just stuck her nose in Mom’s nugget box and helped herself. Today she’s resting on my bed. I turned the heated blanket on and she’s using my flannel shirt as a pillow. Nothing spoiled about my fur baby, is there? 😉

I did find out an interesting tidbit. The compost and mulch are halfway affordable, and they are deliverable! So, if I can order them and have them delivered to the house, that would be AWESOME! Then I could just use the wheelbarrow and move it all to the garden plot in the back yard.

Today is also a good day to lay down the paper bags on the garden plot. Since we’re having rain, it’ll help the paper to start the breaking down process. If I can order the compost today, then maybe it could be delivered today.

Easter is this weekend, so I need to get my menu together. My birthday is also next week, so I need to figure out what I want. I already know what I want. Grilled chicken. Grilled spatchcocked chicken, mashed potatoes and a veggie blend of some sort.

Y’all, again I have to say thank you for the prayers. Yesterday was a range of emotions, but I have to let God take care of it. It’s in His hands. He knows my heart and He knows how much I can take or not take right now. At this moment, though, I have to get a shower, dress and feed the cats who are probably wondering why I’m not out there already.

Until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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