Good Friday

Today’s Bible Reading- Judges Chapters 8-9 & Luke Chapter 8 Verses 22-56.

Happy Good Friday, my friends! Or what’s left of it at least. I’m sorry I didn’t write earlier today.

I slept in this morning, then Gracie was following me around the kitchen chattering because I wasn’t filling her bowl fast enough. Then it was time to leave for the airport to pick Pop up. I took the back way home, so it was a longer ride on the way back. Then I made supper. Now, I’m sitting here stuffed as a turkey from grilled turkey, and I’m ready to call it a day.

It’s been a day, hasn’t it? We had lots of sunshine, but the wind was very cold. I’m hoping this is the last freeze for us so I can get going with this garden! I’m very stressed out about it today.

As far as I know, Pop will be heading out tomorrow to go back to the state where he’s working.

The vet called yesterday afternoon and confirmed that Gracie does have a diaphragmatic hernia. The earliest she could schedule Gracie for surgery is Monday, but that’s a wee bit too soon for our wallet, so I’ll call Monday morning to set up a date with the surgeon. Thank you Jesus that it’s a hernia! Sounds like a pretty nasty one, too, so the quicker we can get it fixed, the better quality of life Gracie will have.

That’s about all I can update with today. I am tired out. I’ve yawned about four or five times just writing this little bit. I have to go make sure the grill is cool and put the cover on it. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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