Wait…..No Tacos Today?

Today’s Bible Reading- Judges Chapters 15-17 & Luke Chapter 10 Verses 1-24.

Good morning, friends. It’s a beautiful Taco Tuesday, but no tacos tonight. Instead, we shall have stuffed baked potatoes! I make taco meat, but instead of taco shells, the meat goes onto baked potatoes and gets smothered in cheese sauce. Probably not very healthy, but delicious.

Our weather today promises to be amazing. We are expecting sunshine all day with a high of 82 degrees. Woo hoo!

Gracie’s surgery is scheduled for April 13, so if you think about it, please pray that it goes well and that she has a speedy recovery with no complications. Please pray also that she’ll gain some weight. She’s very thin. I’m going to purchase a high calorie supplement to see if that will help her out a little bit. I think she’s eating well, but the hernia is pressing on her stomach and she’s not getting the nutrients she needs.

I started writing this post but Gracie was trying to bum some breakfast burrito off me, so I paused my writing to feed the cats. I gave her some extra gravy with her food so she gets some nutrients in her. While I was on my way outside, I noticed that a little “present” was left on our porch by the welcome mat. Another baby mole. This one must have been deposited early this morning or late last night. It was starting to get a little stinky. Our culprit was Slinky. She was watching my reaction, so I put on my best happy face and voice and told her I’d put it in the present patch. She was watching me the whole time, and I gave her a good pat on the head and an attagirl and said thank you. Cats have their feelings hurt easily, and she was only doing what comes natural to cats. It’s just sad it was a little baby mole. 😥

I do have some other good news. I have my hair cut scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. With my favorite stylist. I don’t know if I’ll be required to muzzle up, but we shall see. I just really need my hair cut. I want to look nice for the convention I’ll be attending in a couple of weeks.

Other than that, I don’t have too many plans today. Mom asked me to take her out. She wants to shop for my birthday. I told her she doesn’t have to worry about it, but she really wants to get something for me.

That’s my update for today, folks. Just enjoying life and trying to put my trust in God to help Gracie out today. Until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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