Today’s Bible Reading- Judges Chapters 18-21 & Luke Chapter 10 Verse 25- Chapter 11 Verse 28.

Good morning, friends! I hope y’all are well. It is officially my birthday eve. I don’t have too many plans for today, but I am getting my hair cut this afternoon. I wanted to be fresh for my big day tomorrow.

It’s already been a busy morning here. I scooped the litter box, put the clean dishes away, refilled the hand soap in the bathroom, made coffee, made a breakfast burrito, had my devotions, fed the cats and refilled the bird feeder. I’ve also already showered and dressed for the day and made my bed. The biggest surprise is I did all that on ONE cup of coffee! That’s some good coffee!

Gracie was not doing well yesterday. She was super puny and sleeping all the time. I felt her and she felt like she’d lost more weight, but a thought came to me and I’m going to give God credit for this. There’s a product out there that’s a high caloric gel you can give to cats. It’s used for sick cats and cats recovering from surgery and illness. It’s easily digestible and usually has a flavor that cats love. The description I just gave you of the gel is basically what was on the packaging. I didn’t really know it existed until yesterday. I was just searching how to get cats to gain weight because that was the thought that came to me. Sure enough, Petsmart had some in stock and I went and got some. When we got home yesterday, I gave her a little bit here and there for the rest of the day and it really seems to be helping. Her chatter and meows are stronger, she’s up and about more, and she was begging for breakfast burrito this morning. Praise God for that! I’m only supposed to give her a teaspoon of the gel per day, so I’ll probably wait until around lunch time and give her that as a snack. She really enjoys it. She was purring as she ate it yesterday. The gel has a bunch of vitamins and minerals, too, so it’ll really help her out. She did eat well last night, too. Her food bowl was completely empty this morning.

The rose bushes have graced us with another bud! It’s the same bush and I am so excited. We’ll be having some great weather today. Sunny with a high of 83 degrees. A good day to get the car washed.

Oh. Our stuffed baked potatoes were delicious last night. Oh my goodness, I was a stuffed turkey but it was sooooo good. Once the potatoes were cooked, I split them open and put butter, salt and pepper on them. Then, I mashed them up so the meat of the potato was soft and buttery. I topped the potato with some of the taco meat, then I put the cheese sauce on it. I used a cheese sauce I’d never tried before. Gordo’s is the name, I think. It’s a queso and I use the one with jalapenos in it. So good. Once the cheese sauce was on, I topped the potatoes off with Pace and chopped onions. Raw for mom and sauteed for me.Y’all. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I used Badia taco seasoning to season the meat. Mm. So good.

I just started on my second cup of coffee, and I am realizing that today is actually Wednesday! That means that I can look at the grocery sales papers! I also need to pay a couple of bills that came in the mail and find my menu for this week. I wrote it down but I can’t remember where I put it. Apparently, tonight is pork chops, but I don’t remember what I was going to do with them. I would say probably grill them. It’s a good day to grill. Speaking of grilling, I was thinking about going camping this summer. I haven’t camped since I was around 12, but I remember enjoying it. The campfire was my favorite part. I love the smell of campfire on clothes. If someone could make a men’s cologne that smells like that…………mm. Moving on.

I’ve been very chatty today. I think it’s the excitement of getting my hair cut, my birthday being tomorrow and just having wonderful weather. It could also be the coffee.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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