Sunday Catch-Up

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Samuel Chapters 4-6 & Luke Chapter 12 Verses 35-59.

Good morning, friends. I hope you’re well. We are finally caught up with our Bible reading! Yay!

Yesterday was a good day. The rain held off until I had half the garden planted, and then it started with a drizzle and ended with a proper gullywasher. It’s exciting to have the garden started, although I’m not sure the onions are going to survive. If not, that’s okay. I went a little crazy on the garden planning this year. Hmm. I just had a thought. What if I used last year’s garden bed for next year’s garden? Then I wouldn’t need near as much paper and compost and mulch. It’d be easier to tend to, as well. Hmm. I shall think on this.

After spending the morning gardening, I came in and got a hot shower and then went out to get cat food and pick up our pizza. Other than that, it was a chill day.

Today is a recovery day. Our high is expected to be 75 degrees with a 10% chance of rain. Currently it is 59 degrees and cloudy. I really did enjoy the gardening yesterday. I made a pea trellis and three tomato trellises, and I used the fertilizer on all the veggies I planted. It’s an all-natural one Mom found at Lowe’s. Everything is mixed. All I have to do is pump the handle once for every gallon of soil, or one good pump per big plant. I’m quite sore today, though, as I was doing everything manually yesterday, all the way down to pulling up stubborn grass. I have found muscles I didn’t know existed! It’s good for me though, and maybe I’ll lose a little weight. I also have a sense of pride (the good kind of pride) over the hard work I put in. Looking out the window to see the garden taking shape really makes me feel good. I’m doing something that will benefit others, not just myself.

Although I’m tired and sore today, I’ll be attempting laundry today. The pile is getting out of hand, and soon I’ll be out of necessary items.

That’s all for now, folks. My coffee is getting cold and I have yet to read my devotional for today. I also need to feed the cats. Gracie is trying to remind me it’s her nom-nom time. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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