Thank You for the Prayers

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Samuel Chapters 13-16 & Luke Chapter 14.

Good morning, friends! I hope y’all are well. We took Gracie in for surgery yesterday morning, and yesterday afternoon the surgeon called and everything went really well.

As of last night, Gracie is stable and in recovery. The hernia was actually right at the opening where the esophagus travels into the stomach, so that’s a good indicator of why she was losing weight. Her spleen and part of her stomach had traveled up into her chest cavity, but they pulled everything out, closed up the hole and put everything back where it’s supposed to be.

She handled surgery well, and I am expecting a call from the surgeon today on whether we’ll be taking her home today or tomorrow. I went out with Mom and purchased a medium-sized dog crate and a disposable litter box. I have a whole setup ready for her. The surgeon would like her to spend a bit of time in an enclosed space to keep her from jumping up and ripping her stitches. Gracie will also have one of those e-collars on to keep her from chewing on her stitches. The crate is wire, so it’s not like she’ll be in solitary confinement. I positioned it in the living room where she can look out the front door and look up and out the windows. She’ll have plenty of natural light, and I can bring my computer out there and work on things so she won’t be lonely.

Thank you so much for the prayers in regards to her surgery. God has heard and answered them. I ask now that you’d help me pray that her recovery and healing time would go well and quickly. Her sutures are the ones that eventually dissolve, so she won’t have to have stitches removed. The surgeon also removed some bladder stones and they were sent off to see what needs to change in her diet to prevent them from happening again.

I know this whole thing is costing a lot of money, but God will provide. I had a friend tell me yesterday that I can get cuttings of bushes, plant them in little pots, and put them in a hotbox. Then, when the cuttings are older I can sell them for a few bucks. I may do that to help get a little extra money. Every little bit helps.

Now, for today’s schedule. I’ve already balanced the bank account, and I actually need to go and read my Bible. I’m running a little backwards today. Mom had asked me for an important piece of paper yesterday and I forgot all about it until I was sitting here at the desk ready to start my devotions. That led to balancing the bank account, and now I’m here.

Our high for today is expected to be 83 degrees with a 30% chance of rain. We had a really short but drenching thunderstorm yesterday afternoon after I’d watered the garden. I don’t think the garden minded the extra water, though. The tomato plants are a bit wilty. My sunburn is itching already, so that coconut oil must have really helped out. After I take my shower, I’ll probably put some more on.

I’ll probably be finishing up my laundry today. I have a load that needs to be put back in the dryer for a fluff-up. I had taken it out to put in the blankets I’d washed for Gracie’s recovery setup. Now they’re just a jumble of wrinkled clothes. I may try to relax with some radio programs and crocheting on the sock today. I did face a fear yesterday besides taking Gracie in for surgery. On the way home, I decided to come home via the interstate instead of the back way. Traffic was actually really good and the roads were smooth, so thank God for that! It was also way quicker. I may take that way to go pick her up.

That’s my update for today, folks! Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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