Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Samuel Chapters 20-22 & Luke Chapter 15 Verses 11-32.

Good morning, friends. I hope you’re well today. I have a couple of things to praise God for!

First, praise God that we were able to bring Gracie home yesterday! She handled the car ride home very well. Second, praise God that the balance for her surgery was way less than what I’d expected! God really came through for us on that one. Third, praise God that she’s eating and using the litter box! She wouldn’t eat or use the litter box for the vet, but when we got her home, she chowed down and used the litter box several times.

Currently, she’s conked out in her kennel, but that’s the best thing for her. I’ve ordered groceries and will be picking them up shortly.

Other than that, my day will be spent relaxing. It was a long night. I slept in the living room so Gracie wouldn’t be scared, and she chattered all night long. She also missed the litter box with one of her big jobs and I had a mess to clean up at about 4:45 this morning.

That’s about all I can think of, folks. It was a long night and I’m running on more coffee than sleep. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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