Good Things on the Horizon

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Samuel Chapters 26-28 & Luke Chapter 16 Verses 19-31.

Good morning, my friends! I hope you’re well this morning. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day here. Our high is expected to be 74 degrees with mostly sunshine. Currently, it’s only 55 degrees, but I’m sweating because I’ve already gotten a lot done today.

Praise God He sustained Gracie last night. She had a rough day yesterday. I believe it’s the gabapentin. It makes her so wonky that I actually thought she was dead when I went to check on her. It gave me quite the scare last night. Taking a derivative of morphine and an antibiotic on top of that just seems like overkill to me. This morning, though, she looked well rested and her nose was cool and wet to the touch. Her meow is strong and her food and water were almost completely gone.

I can’t believe that tomorrow will be a week post-surgery for her! Time is flying so quickly. I’m grateful for it, though, because the sooner she heals and can get the cone off, the sooner she can really get back to normal. She’s ready for normal again.

As I said earlier, it’s been a busy morning here. Gracie’s stools are getting more solid, thank God, but since she’s a long-haired cat, it’s getting stuck in her fur. I’ve been slowly cleaning her bum carefully every morning. I don’t want to get her stitches wet, and she doesn’t appreciate me trying to help, so I don’t get it all. Slow and steady wins the race, though, so I’m hoping that a wiping of the bum every morning with a warm wet washcloth will help that dried poo to break down and be removed.

After cleaning her kennels out, I filled her food and water bowls, then gave her the pain med and the antibiotic, a treat and her nom-noms. The treat is for taking the meds and to try and take the nasty taste away. The treat also is the high caloric gel, and I’m hoping it will put some weight back on her. After taking care of Gracie, I fed the cats outside, found another “present” on our porch, wrapped it up (another baby mole; where are they coming from?!), put it in the “present patch”, and then I watered the garden.

Speaking of the garden, my peas are coming up! *happy dance* The onions have also revived! I’m so excited! Two of my tomato plants aren’t doing well, but the third one is doing fantastic! Since Mom and I don’t really eat a whole lot of tomatoes, that should be okay. I just wanted to have the three for sharing. I’m so excited, though. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing my garden!

In other news, my neighbor who is moving, has finally broken down and gotten a moving truck. I hope that she’ll remember to take Tabitha with her. Tabitha is sweet, but she needs to be with her mom and her siblings.

Above and beyond what I’m dealing with right now, I have a convention to attend tonight. I haven’t had to dress up in quite a while, so I hope my outfit will fit. It’s not super dressy, and I’ll be wearing my PF Flyers instead of my heels. They’ll be more comfortable since the event is at the civic center. I have a feeling that I’ll be home late tonight, so tomorrow’s post may be a little late. I also found out yesterday that my ex-boyfriend’s mom passed away, so please pray for his family. His mom was in poor health these past few years, and she lost her parents last year. She must have gone downhill from there.

Well, friends, that’s my update for today. I desperately need a shower and my hair washed and my sheets changed. It’s been nice to sleep in my bed again. I think Gracie does better without me out there. I put some fish videos with soothing music on at night, and it keeps her company. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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