What A Beautiful Day!

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Kings Chapters 8-11 & Luke Chapter 23 Verse 44- Chapter 24 Verse 35.

Good morning, friends. It’s a beautiful, albeit humid, morning here. Yesterday was a productive day. The bad weather held off until Mom and I pulled into the driveway, and then let me tell ya. It was a major storm!

Currently, it is 64 degrees with 97% humidity, and the sunshine is peeking through the clouds. We have a 10% chance of rain today and our high is projected to be 79 degrees. It looks like we’ll be having some strong winds, though, to help dry the earth. They will be around 14 mph and coming from the west-southwest.

If you ever wonder where I get my weather information, I use an app called MyRadar. It’s free and I have it on my phone and my iPad. It’s really nice, though, because if you allow it to send you alerts, it’ll alert you when it’s about to rain, and a few weeks ago, we had a tornado warning. MyRadar sent us the tornado warning probably a good 10 minutes before The Weather Channel did.

I have some extremely delicious and hot coffee in front of me right now and Gracie has claimed my unmade bed. She was running around and talking to my mom this morning when I got up. She’s not eating a whole lot of dry food, though, which is concerning. I wonder if she’d eat it from her kennel bowl. I may try that. In fact, let me go wash it real quick and switch the food out.

Okay. Experiment started. It could be that her regular bowl has some sort of bad scent to it. It’s fairly old. I wash it regularly, though. I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s Wednesday and that means grocery planning. I know I was just at the store on Saturday, but if I start now, when I go back to the store, I’ll be able to get in and out without spending extra money we don’t have.

Anyhoo. I think I may try to vacuum my room today. It looks like it needs it, and I also would like to work on the sock today. It had a break for a day. Now I need to get back at it. Gracie seems pretty happy about having the kennel bowl back. I don’t know. She’s weird sometimes.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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