What Season is This?

Today’s Bible Reading- 2 Kings Chapters 6-7 & John Chapter 4 Verses 31-54.

Good morning, friends. Winter has decided to come back! My goodness. I don’t think we’ve ever been this cold in May. At least in my memory. Our high is expected to be 69 degrees today, but currently, it’s in the 40s. 🥶 Brrrrrr!

It rained all day yesterday. I heard a few thunder booms, but mainly it was just a cozy day. I did my best to come up with a menu, but meat prices have skyrocketed and not a lot of options that we eat are on sale. I may purchase a bulk bag of chicken breasts that are frozen, and maybe a bulk of ground beef and just live on that for a while. We shall see.

Gracie is doing much better today. Thank you for prayers. She had a rough day yesterday.

The garden had a good drink yesterday, and the potato plants look awesome! Thank God! I love a good potato straight from the garden. I love pretty much anything straight from the garden. The one little rose bud is starting to open slowly. I’ll have to get a picture of it and post it on here. It’s so exciting!

In the world of politics and things, the pipeline is back up and running, no thanks to the current dictator and his comrades. I’m sure they’ll take credit for it, though. The governor of my state also issued an order to allow parents to opt out of mask mandates for their child at school. So, basically, the parent would sign a form saying that no, their child will not be wearing a mask. The board of education about had an aneurysm over it and is currently trying to go over the Governor’s head. It’s ridiculous. I agree with the Governor. Whether or not a child wears a mask should be left to the parent, not the school.

In other news, I tried to make those homemade beef and cheddars yesterday. Nope. Doesn’t compare to the original. I’m sure that had I made it according to the video I watched, it may have turned out halfway decent, but I can’t afford prime rib. I used Boar’s Head roast beef instead.

Well, on that note, I must end this post. Gracie is impatiently waiting for her wet food, and I have yet to shower and dress. Love you all, and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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