For Instant Human, Add Coffee

Today’s Bible Reading- 2 Kings Chapters 14-16 & John Chapter 6 Verses 1-21.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you had a good weekend. I had a good day of rest yesterday. Watched some church, worked on the sock, and just chilled.

Gracie is a little better today. She is currently on my bed. She fell asleep waiting for me to get up and give her wet food. I wasn’t going to give it to her at six this morning. She was chasing a fly this morning, too, so that’s a good sign.

I have a meeting to go to tonight, and the Governor of my state is the speaker. I spent some money on a new top that’s a little dressier. I hope it fits. It’s in the washer right now. I’m tempted to get a little makeup, but I don’t know if it’d make any difference.

Today’s weather is going to be beautiful. Our high is 79 degrees and mostly sunny. No chance of rain at all this week, so I’ll have to water the flowers and garden. That’s okay. I need to get out a little.

Another goal of mine is to purchase a couple of those countertop portable air conditioners you see advertised on tv. We had one last year and it actually did a pretty good job. I’d like to get at least one for the living room. If I could get the windows open, I’d invest in a portable air conditioner that has a hose. It’d really help us out. Sadly, though, all my attempts at opening the windows have failed. Either the wood is just too warped, or something. I don’t know. We need to get something done, though. Summer is coming.

I’m not sure what to have for supper tonight. The meeting is at 6 or 7. I’ll have to check which one. So I’ll have to make supper a good bit early. Maybe I’ll make a nice lunch instead. The meeting venue is a good 15-20 minutes away, and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to park at this particular place, so that’ll be fun. Maybe I’ll do a dry run that way to see where I’m supposed to turn in. Also, there’s the gas situation. There are several stations in my area that are closed still. I don’t want to waste fuel.

These are the thoughts in my head today. Progress on the sock is happening. I’m learning to chill while I knit. Other than that, today is Monday so it’s a fairly light work day.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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