Making Progress

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Chronicles Chapters 11-13 & John Chapter 9 Verses 1-23.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s going to be another hot one today. Our high is expected to be 91 degrees and sunny.

I’ve been a busy bee! I started doing a good clean on my room yesterday. I reorganized my dresser and started some laundry. I changed my sheets out and moved the wax warmer back into my room. The wax I have in there is a bit strong, so I only run the warmer for about an hour or so. The scent is roses and grapefruit.

This morning, I fed the cats, did some laundry, got my hair washed, and I transplanted the littlest rose bush. It’s in a sunnier spot, so I hope it’ll survive. I wanted to get it transplanted before it got too hot.

Yesterday afternoon, I made some homemade hamburger buns. No sesame seeds on them. After they were finished baking, I brushed some butter on them. Oh, I hope they taste as good as they smelled. Once they were cool, I put them in a ziplock bag and put them in the fridge. Around here, you have to do that or the bread will mold.

Today, I’m going to focus on my computer desk. It’s a bit out of hand. I have a lot of paper to go through and decide what gets tossed and what gets shredded.

Tonight’s supper will be chicken, zucchini, peppers and onions, seasoned with fajita spices and served on crunchy tostada shells. Here’s hoping it turns out halfway decent.

That’s my update for today, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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