Never Forget the Fallen

Today’s Bible Reading- 1 Chronicles Chapters 28-29 & John Chapter 11 Verses 45-57.

Good morning, my friends. It’s a beautiful day here. I hope you’re doing well. Our high today is expected to be 79 degrees with some sun. A beautiful day to remember the fallen.

If you’re not from America and you’re reading this, on the last Monday of May, we celebrate Memorial Day. It’s a day to remember our military members who have given the ultimate sacrifice. Unfortunately, a lot of people have forgotten this, and they just associate Memorial Day with barbecue, grill outs, watermelon and appliance sales. Our current regime doesn’t even seem to care that much.

My mom’s mom, Gran I called her, was a riveter during World War II. She helped make the Hellcat planes. Two of her brothers served in the military as well. Uncle C.R. was in the Air Force and Uncle Floyd was in the Army. He served under General Patton when they marched into Germany. Both men came home. I don’t remember ever meeting Uncle C.R., but I absolutely loved Uncle Floyd. He was slated to marry when he came home from war, but his fiancee became ill and passed before the wedding could take place. He never married after that. A couple of weeks before Gran passed, she gave me his wedding band. I’m going to wear it today to honor him.

Today’s meal will be a grill out, though, and I’m looking forward to it. If soldiers hadn’t given their lives defending America, we probably wouldn’t have the freedom to grill out and barbecue today. So, I’m going to enjoy our freedom today and grill hamburgers. I made a salad of jicama, apple, strawberries and blueberries. Red, white and blue! I’m also decked out in a red shirt and I have blue socks on that have white stars. 🙂 A girl’s gotta be patriotic!

I’m also going to Lowe’s but not to look at appliances. I can’t afford that. I realize I sound like the type of person I just criticized, but I’m not. I do remember the fallen. I also know that there really is a good sale at Lowe’s today. I want to browse the garden center and see if I can find another tomato plant and maybe a planter to plant some strawberries. If they still have strawberry plants out. It’s getting kind of late in the season. I may even try to work on taking out another three hornet nests on our side door and try to clean up the back yard a bit. Break down some plastic containers and wash up a dog house that can be given away. Maybe my neighbor who has a ton of cats would like it. She’s got a whole new round of kittens over there.

Anyways. My goal is to eventually have the entire back yard as a garden/orchard. I’d love to set up a greenhouse over the area where the septic tank is and put some dwarf citrus trees in pots and the aquaponics stuff in there. That way the space is used, but doesn’t run the risk of harming the septic tank. Oh! I picked some peas off the vines this morning. They are so good. Sweet with a snap when you bite in to them. My cucumber plants have a ton of flowers on them as well. It’s so exciting! Life is good. And there is new growth on the zucchini plant!

All in all, it’s going to be a good day today. I’m going to get some work done and enjoy this day and my freedom. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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