Midweek Chat

Today’s Bible Reading- 2 Chronicles Chapters 4-9 & John Chapter 12 Verse 20- Chapter 13 Verse 20.

Good morning my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s a bit overcast today with a 20% chance of rain. I believe our high is expected to be in the lower 80s.

My neighbor’s mother isn’t doing well. She has pneumonia. Add breathing troubles from decades of smoking and dementia, and that’s not a very good recipe. Please keep the prayers going.

I checked on the garden yesterday. There are so many flowers on the cucumber plants! The zucchini is doing well. It still hasn’t gotten big enough to flower and produce fruit, though. It is trying, so I’ll keep working with it. Everything else is doing well.

I rode my bike for about 15 minutes yesterday. I was trying for 30, but I am out of shape! I also had my thyroid lab work done, and I got back into the drinking water phase. I know water is good for me, but it just has no flavor. If water tasted like sweet tea, I’d drink it by the gallon.

Gracie is working on another hairball. Poor thing. She’s abandoned me as the nom-nom lady, and has designated my mom with that title. I’m breakfast lady and fresh food and water lady. I’m also puke cleanup lady. But my mom is nom-nom lady. Gracie goes into Mom’s bedroom every morning and bugs her until she gets some of her treat, and then she’s fine until bedtime. Then, when Mom goes in to put the blinds down and get ready for bed, Gracie goes in and bugs her until she gets her bedtime treat. Drives Mom nuts, but I think it’s hilarious. I think Mom enjoys it secretly, though.

Today is Wednesday, so I’ll be working on the grocery list today. I’ll also be checking on the bank accounts and balancing everything out. It’s looking more and more like rain, so I’ll skip the bike ride today. I do need to check the garden and see how things are faring out there.

That’s my update for today, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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