Brain Fog

Today’s Bible Reading- 2 Chronicles Chapters 23-25 & John Chapter 16 Verses 16-33.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re doing well. Our high for today is expected to be 82 degrees with thunderstorms. A good day in my book.

Thank You, Jesus, for watering the garden. I’m still trying to wake up. I was in between waking up and dreaming and I heard Gracie yowling. Turns out it wasn’t yowling. She was impatiently waiting for her morning nom-noms from Mom. And the treat container is in my room.

Currently, she is sniffing my knitting bag and preening on my chair, waiting for breakfast. I’m waiting for coffee so I can understand what I’m reading in my Bible. I’ll probably go ahead and read my Bible and hope that God’s Word will cut through that brain fog.

We are starting to consider getting another car. Hopefully, the man who does our taxes will give us a ring and let us know what’s going on. He’s running pretty slow this year.

I don’t have a lot on my plate today, folks. I’ll be heading out to pick up a prescription for Mom and she needs insulin as well. I have a bill to pay, and I need to catch up the bank accounts. Especially mine. 🥴

I can say one thing for sure. That new shower head is awesome! Better than a hotel. Mm. I just want to stand under it all day long.

Well, folks, I’m sorry there’s not more of an update. I’ll probably think of a lot after I have coffee. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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