What A Weekend!

Today’s Bible Reading- Nehemiah Chapters 12-13 & Acts Chapter 4 Verses 23-37.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. My weekend was a long one! Enjoyable, though.

So, my best friend came in Friday afternoon and she had dinner with us and we talked for a few hours. Saturday morning, she came over and we went downtown to not only just look around, but there was a classic car show on and there were quite a number of cars! We had lunch and before we left we went to the chocolatier. She absolutely loved going in there! They’ve decorated the shop in turn of the century items, and they wear turn of the century clothes. It’s just so neat! They’re trying to preserve some of the area’s history while providing the best handmade chocolates in the county.

We took the chocolates home so they wouldn’t melt, and then she wanted to do something else. I took her to the dairy farm and she enjoyed that but she really just wanted to shop for clothes. So, I took her to the mall. We were there quite a while, but once her shopping bug had been satisfied, I ordered some pizza and we picked it up and went home.

The pizza and conversation were great, and we sat outside for several hours chatting and reminiscing our glory days at Bible college, and she filled me in on things that went on that I had no clue about. We started talking about what the campus must look like now, and the conversation went from reminiscing to planning a visit there. Long story short, schedules weren’t working out, so we made a snap decision. We decided to go up to the college on Sunday, get a hotel, and then on Monday we’d part ways. I’d go back home and she’d head over to her brother’s house.

Sunday was a long day. We went up there, we saw a few people we’d gone to college with, we chatted with them for a couple of hours and then we headed back to the hotel. Supper was nachos for me and steak over fries for her, and then we stayed up late chatting some more.

Yesterday morning (Monday), I woke up around 5 am. My bestie was already up getting ready to leave because she had a long way to go. I started my devotional time and found out something. I’d forgotten the Bible reading plan! So, we will be a day behind on that one this week. I’ll catch up on a lighter day. Maybe Friday. Definitely not Wednesday, though. So, we’ll have a couple of long days this week.

Once my bestie was on the road at 5:30, I started getting ready to leave myself. I kind of waited around for breakfast, got some coffee and a muffin, and then I chilled for a bit. I left for home around 6:30 in the morning. Well, about halfway home, I realized I had a meeting to attend! Last night was another political meeting, and one of our big wigs in Washington was going to be there. I got home, chilled for a couple of hours and then I went to the meeting.

Folks, to say I’m tired is a vast understatement. I am exhausted. Today is going to be a bit of a chill day today. Mom has an appointment tomorrow, so that’ll be a busy day. Today, though, is just chilling.

I have peaches that are going bad, so I’m going to chop them up and put them in the freezer. I’m also going to make some ham in the crock pot. I’m going to make a slurry of some local jelly, add some pineapple, and maybe some apple, and let it cook for several hours. We’ll have mashed potatoes and steamed carrots for our sides. Tomorrow will probably be another mashed potato day. I’ll make brats, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and peas. We’ll get back on schedule. 😊

It was a great weekend, but I’m ready to get back to normal. Lol. I’m one who likes structure and my bestie likes to do things on a whim. We kind of balance each other out. She gets me to talking and I get her to think about things before leaping into them. We can both make the other one laugh, too. We’ve been through a lot of rough roads together, and it’s made our friendship more solid. I can truly say she is my best friend. I look forward to the next time we see each other.

Well, folks, I need to get some coffee brewing and get my Bible read. Our weather today is expected to be 81° and rainy. A good day to chill.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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