Getting Back on Track.

Today’s Bible Reading- Job Chapters 10-12 & Acts Chapter 8 Verses 1-25.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. Today I plan on getting back into the groove!

Laundry is started, coffee is made, and the Bible reading is doable. I’m sorry for the big chunks we had to read this past week. At least it wasn’t chunks of Numbers!

I absolutely have to go to the store today. Even if it’s just to buy litter. Gracie’s box needs cleaned out. I try to scoop it every day and then do a deep clean once a month.

Today’s weather is going to be a high of 88° with a 20% chance of rain. Partly sunny as well. Mom has a couple of prescriptions that need picked up as well, so that’ll be on my to-do list.

I haven’t looked outside yet, but as of yesterday we are down to two cats and an occasional drifter cat. Thelma and Bengal are the two and Stubby is the drifter. I reached out for answers about missing cats on a neighborhood app and the main answer was coyotes. We do have them around here, but I’ve not seen them in my neighborhood before. Maybe they’re running low on forest critters. I don’t know. Whatever happened, I hope Slinky never felt pain. She was a good cat. I’d have preferred Bengal to go missing over her. He’s very aggressive and will turn on you in a heartbeat. I don’t like feeding him, but Mom feels sorry for him.

That’s about all I have for now, folks. I’ve only been up about an hour, and I need to get my Bible reading in before it gets away from me. At least I have some laundry getting washed. It’ll be nice to not rifle through my dresser looking for something that fits.😂

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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