Is That Rain I Hear?

Today’s Bible Reading- Job Chapters 13-15 & Acts Chapter 8 Verses 26-40.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s an overcast day here today. Our high is expected to be 86° with a 60% chance of rain. We are experiencing outer bands of a storm called Danny.

I don’t mind the rain at all. The garden needed a good water. I did prune the tomato plant yesterday and gave it a little more support. There are two fairly large tomatoes growing at the moment, with another baby one just starting.

I did manage to get a lot done yesterday. I balanced the bank accounts, started my laundry, fed the cats, went grocery shopping, went to the post office, and bought a water purifier for the kitchen sink. I also cleaned Gracie’s litter box. She’s quite pleased with me on that one.

I have another load of laundry to do and I’m done with that for the week. I also need to go out to the garden and see if anything is ready to pick. I didn’t check yesterday, so I’m sure something is going on.

I’m going to attempt a stroganoff for supper tonight. I don’t know how it will fair, but I hope it’s good. I bought some gluten free noodle nests to put it all on.

Another thing I’m trying to do is get back into my intermittent fasting. It seems to really help me out. Currently, I’m waiting on my time to get coffee. I woke up a bit late, so I have to wait later. 😵‍💫. How I’m surviving writing this, I shall never know.

That’s my update for today, folks. With thunderstorms looming, I don’t really want to be on the road today. I also have a bunch of laundry to fold and put away. Until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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