Happy July!

Today’s Bible Reading- Job Chapters 23-24 & Acts Chapter 10 Verses 24-48.

Happy Friday, my friends, and good morning as well. It’s a rainy day here. Our high will only be 80° today, and an 80% chance of rain. It’s already drizzling, so I’d say we’ll be getting rain! 😂

I made some stuffed squash on the grill last night, and it was halfway decent. I’d already cooked the stuffing mixture—the inside of the squash, onion and bacon and potato—so I was just letting the squash itself heat up and let the potatoes get softer. The taters were from my garden and oh buddy, we’re they ever delicious! Buttery goodness for sure! I’m excited to do the full harvest this weekend.

I had thought that maybe I could do the harvest today if it didn’t rain, but it is raining and Mom has some errands that need done. I saw a headline the other day that Walmart is going to be adding insulin flex pens to their repertoire. I think it’s five of the pens for $86. Considering that the competition runs close to $1,000 for the same amount, I’d say that was some savings. Mom is going to talk to her doctor about it the next time she seems him. If those five pens are a month’s worth of insulin, we’d be saving money. Currently, we pay $53.24 for two vials every two weeks. Then there’s the needles cost. Of course, Mom’s current insulin is a much older and slower acting insulin, so that’s why the cost is so low at Walmart. It’s still around $600 at Walgreens for the same two vials.😶. Go figure.

Gracie gave up her wet food on my bed yesterday, so I had to change my sheets. That’s okay, though. They were due for a change. I’m wondering if the canned food I’ve been using is spoiled or something. The cats outside weren’t interested in it either. 🤔. I have yet to feed the furballs today, but I hear the rain picking up. Gracie is currently curled up on the pillow next to me. Mom just got up, so soon I’ll be making coffee.

Well, my friends, it’s going to be a running around day today. I can’t buy much, but what is bought is needed. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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