A Beautiful Day For A Harvest

Today’s Bible Reading- Job Chapters 25-26 & Acts Chapter 11.

Good morning, my friends and Happy Pre-Birthday, America!🇺🇸. I know that our Independence Day is tomorrow, but since it’s Sunday and I usually don’t post, I had to say it. 😁.

Today is a garden work day. Our high is expected to be 84° with 0% chance of rain, so it’ll be a good day to get things done. I’m going to clip the grass down in the garden and pull the pea plants out, and then I’m going to harvest my potatoes! Woo hoo! 🥳

After that is all finished, I will be planting my pumpkin seeds. I have a bunch, but I’m only going to plant two mounds. After all, I still have onions growing. I may fertilize the onions again, too. Just give them an extra boost.

That’s a full day of work, my friends. I forgot to get Gracie’s flea stuff yesterday, so I’ll have to wait until Monday or Tuesday to get it. She’s a 100% indoor cat, so I’m not too concerned about it.

In other news, it looks like Pop may have another job! And it’ll be close to halfway between us and Gram, so that’ll be good. He’ll probably be coming home next week to get the RV ready to go.

Well, my friends, I am behind schedule and Gracie is letting me know that I’m almost an hour late for breakfast. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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