Hey! It’s Raining!

Today’s Bible Reading- Psalm Chapters 68-69 & Romans Chapter 3.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. We finally got some rain! It was raining when I got up, but I think it’s clearing. The radar, though, looks like more rain is on the way. I’ve only been up about 10 minutes, but I wanted to get a head start on the day.

Today’s high is going to be 77*–you read that right–77* with an 80% chance of rain. You know what just popped into my head? Next year, if the Lord tarries, I’d like to crochet one of those weather blankets. What you do is you have a few colors that correspond to different temperatures. Maybe a deep red resembles 80* and up and a deep blue resembles anything under 32*. Anyways, you start on January 1 and crochet a row with the yarn that matches the high temperature for that day. Some people even add the low temps, but I’d probably just do the highs. By the time you’re done on December 31, you’ve recorded the weather for your area into a blanket. Neat idea, yeah?

Speaking of crafting, I may take my sock to work on while I wait on Mom tomorrow. Gives me something to do.

In other news, all my seeds but one are on the way. I received the email yesterday. I was looking at the price and I was like, um………something’s missing. It took me a few minutes to run through the list in my head, but I figured it out. The Butternut squash is missing. I don’t know if it’s coming from somewhere else, but it’s not there. Maybe it’ll ship at a later time.

I also have a subscription to a particular company that I need to contact today. I have yet to receive my box. Anyhoo.

I did get my laundry done yesterday, as well as making Mom some gelatin, and the salad last night was halfway decent. The cats seemed to really enjoy the new food pouches. Gracie even chowed down on the little bit I gave her. The new pouches are by a company called Natural Balance, and the pouches are called “Platefulls”. They have indoor formulas, but since the three who eat this are outdoors, I bought the regular formula. The three amigos out there cleaned their plates. I mean, literally, there was not even a smear of gravy left. The three flavors are: Chicken and Salmon, Chicken and Pumpkin, and Chicken,Turkey and Duck.

I may end up having to order them online and have them shipped, as I kind of cleaned the store out. To feed three cats for a week, I had to buy 42 pouches. It still cost way less than what I’ve been paying.

Well, my friends, my brain has run out of steam and requires coffee. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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