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Monday Mood

Today’s Bible Reading- Psalm Chapters 139-141 & 1 Corinthians Chapter 10 Verses 1-13.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. I had a relaxing day yesterday. Mom and I cozied up to watch the Hurricane Ida coverage. Weatherman Plus had some live coverage for a while, but then I found some live cams over on YouTube. One was at Grand Isle, Louisiana. Wow. Powerful storm! I hope no was was injured or killed.

We had homemade shepherd’s pie for dinner yesterday and it was absolutely delicious! I used ground beef because we don’t eat lamb in my house. I’ve never tried lamb, but Mom apparently cooked it once and it was awful. Mom enjoyed it too! She had two bowls of it. I probably could have finished it off, but that would have been gluttony. The leftovers were placed in a bowl for today’s lunch.

It’s going to be warm today. Our high is expected to be 92° with a 10% chance of rain. I still haven’t put down the army worm granules. I’ll probably have to do it today. Our lawn is looking pretty thin. I’ll put some down in the front lawn. One plus of the army worms is that I won’t have to deal with thick grass in the back yard when I lay down the contractor paper and the wood chips.

On the bright side, though, a number of worm-eating birds have shown up and have been snacking, so maybe the worms will move on or get eaten.

Tonight I have a meeting to attend. I’m not looking forward to it, though. I have a feeling that the person who wanted the meeting is going to be one of those people……a “Karen.” I hope that’s not the case. I just remember the last meeting where this particular person tried to have this meeting. They were very rude.

Tonight’s supper is tomato soup and grilled cheese. Since I have the meeting, we’ll eat early. Pray for me, y’all. I have a feeling that this is not going to be a nice meeting.

Wow. I sound really down today. I’m sorry. Maybe I need my coffee. I took my medication late, so I have to wait on coffee. Good thing it’s brewing now. I do have some good news, though! My herbs are growing! The basil and sage are doing fantastic! The parsley is trying its best. All the other ones have little tiny sprouts. That’s exciting. To plant something, care for it and watch it grow. I love it!

In other news, I learned last night that Biden gave the Taliban the list of our people with names, addresses, pictures, all that. Gave it to them. Revealed our people to a terrorist organization. Furious doesn’t even touch how I feel about that. The dude isn’t even in that office legitimately, and he’s handing over our citizens to terrorists. Sounds like he’s working for them. They are working with China, so he probably is working for them. Traitor. If you’re reading this in another country, please know this: the majority of Americans did not vote for this dude. We know Trump won. He knows Trump won. He knows we know. Isn’t it something that all this happened when the Arizona audit was supposed to come out? Isn’t it something that the people who were supposed to release it all came down with ‘Rona? There are no coincidences.

I’m getting fired up. I was watching a special War Room last night, and just hearing that our soldiers were trying to get Americans to the Kabul airport, get them past the Taliban and onto the tarmac, only for our State Department to tell them to send them away. They want those people to die. They want a war. 🤬.

Okay. I need my coffee and a whole lot of Jesus today. I’m just beyond angry. I’m so angry I’m calm. That’s how angry I am. God help us. We need His divine intervention. Pray for our American citizens still stuck in Afghanistan, my friends. If we can’t get them out, then they will be facing some of the most horrific deaths imaginable.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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