Making Goals

Today’s Bible Reading- Proverbs Chapters 15-16 & 2 Corinthians Chapter 1.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. No thunderstorms last night that I heard. We did have some heat lightning, but as far as I know, no rain.

Our high today will be 83° with a 20% chance of rain. It’s a bit humid at the moment, but that may change later on.

I made some goals for yesterday, and actually accomplished them! I folded and put away all my laundry. I vacuumed my room. I paid the two bills that were on my desk. I made my bed. I feel like there was something else, but it escapes me now. Once all that was done, I sat in my room and worked on the sock.

Progress! I made it through the heel yesterday and am now working on the instep. It’s working up rather nicely, thank the Lord. I love the material. It’s very soft and stretchy. Thankfully, I have another skein in this color so I can make a second sock! This particular pattern is very nice and somewhat easy to understand. It was a free download from Willow Yarns. I discovered them when I discovered Herrschner’s. I get most of my yarn from there usually, but this particular skein is from Hobby Lobby. Willow just came out with a line of sock yarn called Sock Duos, I believe. It comes with two cakes of yarn, and each cake makes one sock. The colors are so beautiful! I’d love to make a pair from each one that’s available!

This particular pattern is one size. I’m just making it according to the pattern to see how it fits. I do like this pattern more than the straight needle pattern I had found. I do have to learn a new thing, though. The Kitchener stitch. There’s instructions on my printout for this stitch, but there’s also a gentleman on YouTube that shows left-handed people how to knit. His name is Bill Souza and he does a fantastic job at teaching!

Well, folks, I need to get my coffee and read my Bible. Today’s major goal is deal with all these boxes! I’ve waited long enough to do it. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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