End of the Day

Today’s Bible Reading- Proverbs Chapters 17-18 & 2 Corinthians Chapter 2.

Good evening, my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s been a long day here. We had a high around 82* and no rain. This afternoon brought a breeze with a slight chill to it. Our low tonight is predicted to dip into the 50s, so fall is on its way!

It was a long day today. I started out halfway decent. Had my coffee, made some breakfast, got my shower and then I started to run out of steam. I’m not sure when the steam actually ran out, but I did manage to get the boxes loaded up and taken to the recycling center. Our Keurig decided to bonk out on us, too, so that went as well. No worries. We have my dad’s drip coffee maker (it tastes better, too).

Gracie managed to overeat and then promptly throw up all over my sheets, so I just finished changing those. She’s currently chilling in the linen closet on a pile of fluffy towels. Spoiled rotten. Don’t worry. I don’t close the door on her when she chills in there. I actually have a direct line of sight on her when I’m sitting here at my computer.

I didn’t get any work done on the sock, but that’s okay. I also didn’t balance the bank accounts. Pop will be coming home next week, so I’ll have to make sure I have enough groceries for everyone for the week. Maybe I can work on the sock tomorrow.

Either way, I’m now tired and ready to wind down and get ready for bed. It was nice to make a goal, though. A big one.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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