Today’s Bible Reading- Proverbs Chapter 30-Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 & 2 Corinthians Chapters 8-9.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s a bit nippy here this morning at 70*, with a high expected of 81*. There’s also a 30% chance of rain.

Yesterday was a productive day. So productive, in fact, that I completely forgot to write to you! It was raining when I got up, and it was still raining when I went to bed last night. It was mostly a drizzle all day, but we had a few showers pop in.

My thyroid labs came back all in the normal range, thank God, and my prescription had to be picked up yesterday. I also went ahead and ordered the groceries. I went to where I normally pick up my prescription, but it wasn’t there. Somehow it was sent to a different store. Instead of backtracking to get my medicine, I went to a local produce market to pick up some apple cider donuts. I ended up getting some spiced peaches and a little hot pepper. It’s called a cherry bomb. I’ve never had one, but they were 5 for $1, so I thought I’d try one out.

I had figured that by the time I finished with the produce market, the groceries would be ready. Nope. They were just starting the order. So, I went ahead and drove over the other pharmacy to get my medicine. Wouldn’t you know, as soon as I got into line, the groceries were ready. I got my prescription and headed back over to the grocery store, picked up the groceries and decided to make a small trip to the dollar store by my house. Why? Well, when I saw the spiced peaches, I decided I wanted to try these delicious looking pastries from a YouTube channel called Webspoon World. I love watching the videos, and I’d already planned on making another pastry from there this weekend, but I I guess I’m a glutton for punishment and want to try both recipes.

Both involve yeast dough, so I can make one batch and divide the dough between them, but one has sausage involved, and the other has peaches, cottage cheese, sour cream and poppy seeds involved. Oh yes. I needed the cottage cheese and I didn’t think I had poppy seeds, so my thought was that the dollar store would have them. They actually have a pretty decent food section, including frozen and fresh refrigerated items. I also needed to get some chips because the grocery store was wiped out on them.

I drive over to the dollar store, walk in, grab the chips I know we’ll eat ( we like to eat them at lunch time with a sandwich), and went to the dairy case. It was completely empty. Nothing. No eggs, no milk, no sour cream, no creamer for coffee, no shredded cheese. Nothing. Crap. Well, I guess I can look for poppy seeds, yeah? Nope. Spices were pretty wiped out. Only a few things like oregano and some spice blends were left. I thought of a couple other things I needed and thankfully found them, but wow.

When I got home, my mom said I had a box delivered for me. I couldn’t think what it was, so I opened it. It was my mums! I pulled it out and looked at it. At first I was excited because now I can plant them, and a rainy day is perfect for it. My excitement then went into realization that I needed some extra soil to top off the planters. Realization soon turned into concern when I saw how small the plants were. It was one tray with three plants on it. The block of soil was wrapped in a biodegradable fabric. I assume the fabric is to keep the soil intact. I was thinking, I paid $79 for this? I figured I could break the block in two, but I’d worry about that when I got home from the garden center.

Pop went with me, and we ended up spending a good while hashing out plans for the cattle panels and looking at fire pit ideas. Then we came home and Pop put the soil next to the planters and I went and got a jacket on with a hood so I could work in the rain. As I was looking at the instructions for planting the block of mums, I made another realization. That was only one block! I ordered two! I went back inside to make sure I hadn’t missed another block in the box, but it was empty. So either they failed to send me another block, or it’s coming in another shipment. I sent them an email, but if I don’t get my second block, I’m not going to be happy. Mom asked me why I didn’t just pick something up from the garden center. Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it. I know. I’m a bit of a dimwit for that one, but I saw how beautiful those mums are supposed to be and I wanted to get them for my mom.

Supper last night was chicken fried rice and mini spring rolls. Both processed, but delicious. I cooked the rice in the skillet, even though the box recommended the microwave. It tasted way better in the skillet. It was also a different brand than I normally get. For General Tso’s, I usually buy InnovAsian. They have, in my opinion, the best General Tso’s. It’s just the chicken and sauce. I usually make rice and have stir fry veggies with it, but it’s delicious. For fried rice, though, you can’t beat Ling Ling. They have the best. Again, all this is my opinion and my mom’s opinion. The spring rolls were from Tai Pei. Pop and I almost ate the entire box! I made those different as well. I popped them in the air fryer. I made small batches of them because our air fryer is super small. I can fit about three chicken tenders in it in a single layer. I could fit about 5-6 of the spring rolls in a single layer in the fryer. Delicious!

Today is Friday, so it’ll be working on the bank accounts and hopefully getting the sheets on my bed. Hopefully. As for the pastries, it turns out I do have poppy seeds and Pop had some cottage cheese in the RV, so the pastries are a go! Woo hoo!

That’s all for now folks. I gotta get myself around and get ready for the day. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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