Unexpected Things

Today’s Bible Reading- Ecclesiastes Chapters 4-6 & 2 Corinthians Chapter 10.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. Our high today is expected to be 83* with a 40% chance of rain. It’s pretty overcast at the moment, so maybe that rain will come today.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I finished writing, set my ingredients out to get to room temperature for the pastries. Then I sat and listened to Mom and Pop talk theology and I worked on balancing the bank accounts.

Then, after lunch, my dad mentioned something about the weeds and trees needing trimmed up in the back yard, so I decided to go out there and work on it. We have an issue with pokeberry plants. Our neighbor hasn’t mowed her lawn since her house burnt, so things over the fence have gotten a bit out of hand. The grass is up to my thighs now, and I’m 5’1″ tall on a good day. She has a few weeds that are coming over into our yard, so we wanted to get those taken care of. There’s also a few trees that are starting to grow in the fence. I worked on those and getting the pokeberry out while Pop came out and worked on the Bradford pear tree.

We were out there quite a while. I was hoping to be able to make a bonfire and burn the tree debris down, but Pop said that they’re too green and wouldn’t burn. Anyhoo. I also took my cell phone and used an app I have to identify what trees I was working with. There is a white mulberry, a red mulberry, and something called a hackberry. I didn’t work on the white mulberry because it’s still super tiny and it’s against the house. I was focusing on the fence. Well, I was almost finished for the day and I was trying to lop of a pretty decent sized branch on the hackberry (I didn’t identify the trees until after I was done) and all of a sudden I felt a shooting pain go in my left thumb. What on earth?!

Well, I look around to see what the culprit was, and lo and behold, there’s this branch of thorns! I started looking closer and what I thought were small, dead offshoots on the branches were actually thorns! What?! Some of y’all may already know what happened, but I’ll go ahead and enlighten the rest of us. Apparently, hackberry trees have thorns as they’re in the nettle family. The thorn went right through my work glove and poked me. The thorn didn’t go super deep but it did draw blood. That’s actually what caused me to go get my cell phone so I could identify what this thorny branch was.

Well, I came in the house, got a second shower because I hadn’t planned on doing yard work yesterday, and then I started working on the pastry. It didn’t turn out like I had hoped. The dough was super tough and dense. I can hardly eat it. The flavor is good, though! What I’m going to do is run down to the store today and get some crescent dough in a can and redo the peach pastry and make the sausage pastry. See how that turns out.

I forgot to mention that the place where I was pricked by that thorn got swollen last night and very tender. At first I thought it was my joint inflamed, but then I realized it was at the pricking site. It’s tender today and still jutting out, but not as tender as last night. I put some ointment on it last night and a bandage.

Oh! I have another thing! I have a volunteer cucumber plant! It’s flowering, too! Isn’t that awesome? I may get more cukes before fall gets here! And yesterday we grilled hamburgers for supper. I took two of my basil leaves, rinsed them and chopped them up and mixed them in some mayo. It was delicious! I made just enough for Pop and me because Mom isn’t a fan of mayo. She doesn’t like any sauces on her burgers.

Well, folks, that’s all for now. I need another cup of coffee to wash down this peach pastry and then I need to get around so I can go get the other stuff. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends. ❤

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