The Saturday Feels

Today’s Bible Reading- Isaiah Chapters 4-6 & Galatians Chapter 3.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. I’m writing on my iPad today, all snuggled up in my bed. It’s currently 52° with a high of 76° expected today. I have some hot coffee, warm bedding, and Gracie is snuggled up near me for her morning nap. Life is good.

I made most of my goals yesterday except for laundry. I decided that energy-wise, I could either get the groceries or do laundry but my body couldn’t handle both. I decided to get the groceries. So, today is laundry day. I have a whole hamper’s worth that needs to be done, too.

Mom has been busy fall cleaning, and I know she’d like me to help her move the furniture around in her and Pop’s room. I may attempt that in the next week or so. Not today, though. My energy reserves are low.

I ordered a new cat house for our outdoor cats yesterday. We gave the two we had to the neighbor whose house burnt. She’d had some cat houses, but they all melted. Since it’s getting cooler, the cats will need some shelter. I laid a big blanket down a couple of nights ago, and the thermal pad we have for them. That’ll have to work until the house gets here. If it gets too cold for them, they can always go under the house. They’ve successfully knocked out the vents all around the house, except for two. I have barriers in front of the two vents at the front of the house. Hee hee. One is a cinder block and the other is a watering can. The cinder block is too heavy for them to move, and the watering can is metal and makes a loud noise when moved over the walkway. Ha! They leave it alone, though!

I know I’m rambling. I don’t have much to say this morning. Bills are paid, I’m working on the second sock. I’m using a knitting needle size larger than what I used for the first sock. That way it’s not so snug. Once that’s done, I’ll try to work with the blue yarn I bought to make Mom some socks. It’s a tad difficult to work with, so I’ll need some limber fingers and plenty of patience.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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