Welcome to Wednesday

Today’s Bible Reading- Jeremiah Chapters 33-37 & Philemon 1.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. Pardon me while I refill my coffee cup and get my glasses. It’s one of those days today.

Right. Now we’re cooking. Hot coffee, clean glasses, and warm blankets to snuggle in.

So today is a foreshadowing of the cold snap we’re going to feel tomorrow. Today’s high will only be 55° and it’s already 47°. 🥶. No rain for today, but I believe we may get rain tomorrow. We shall see.

Pop made it safely to his destination yesterday, thank the Lord.

My neighbor’s house was not demolished yesterday like I was expecting. Maybe today? I don’t know. They’ve been pretty slow about dealing with things. I think it’s just all so overwhelming. I’m trying to be understanding, but I have my moments of selfishness.

It is Wednesday, so the Bible reading is fairly long today. Philemon, though, is a good break. It’s just a short letter from Paul to Philemon.

Today’s goals. Hmm. I’m still trying to wake up a bit. I’d like to get Gracie’s fountain cleaned out. I’d also like to vacuum my room and get some laundry done. The bank accounts need a midweek check as well.

I also need to look at the sales flyer for this week. See if anything I need will be on sale.

It’s just a cozy day today. Gracie is bundled up in her corner of the bed. I moved her blankets to the corner of the bed next to my pillows. The heat from the vent comes up and warms that one corner very well. She seems to enjoy it.

That’s all I have for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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