Chilly Weather

Today’s Bible Reading- Ezekiel Chapters 20-21 & James Chapter 1.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. It was downright chilly this morning when I woke up! Our temperature was in the 30s!🥶.

Unlike yesterday, where we had plenty of sunshine, a small afternoon rain shower, and a high of 73°, today’s high will only be 59°. No rain, but cold.

I balanced the bank accounts yesterday and I also managed to get all the boxes taken to the recycling center. It was rather nice to accomplish something on my to-do list. Oftentimes I have a list together, but then either no energy or something else comes up that’s more important.

Today’s goals will be groceries, and ordering needed things for next week’s trip to Atlanta. Gracie is low on her prescription food so I need to order that, but we also need some dry food for the cats outside. I’m not going to let them starve for three days. We’ll feed them as normal on Thanksgiving morning, but right before we leave, I’ll put out a gravity fed dry food container. Hopefully, they won’t eat it all in one day. I’m also fairly certain that my neighbor’s cats will come and finish it off as well. 😒

I put in a little work on my sock yesterday! I’m officially on the toe now! It’s exciting to see another project getting finished.

The grocery list this week will be fairly short as we won’t be here for three days next week. It’ll be rather nice to have a bit of a break from cooking!

In other news, I had to put my heel lift back in my shoe. Now that I’ve broken my new shoes in, I realize that I do need it still. They are a little snug around my toes, but I can deal with it. As I wear them, they will probably stretch out.

That’s all for now, folks. Love you all and until next time, stay safe my friends.❤️

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