Brr! 🥶

Today’s Bible Reading- Ezekiel Chapters 29-33 & 1 Peter Chapter 1.

Good morning, my friends. I hope you’re well. It’s quite sunny here this morning, but it’s cold! Our high today will be 56°, but it’s only 37° right now. 🥶

So far this morning, I’ve managed a shower, washing my hair (twice; it was pretty greasy), getting dressed, making my bed, brewing coffee, and starting my laundry. That’s a lot for me. I have yet to cook breakfast, so it’ll probably be more of a brunch.

I went out yesterday to see if I could find another couple of advent calendars for us. That way all three of us would have our own calendar to open. I want you to know………I literally was out for hours and not one store I went to had a decent calendar. There were a couple of calendars, but one was so poor quality that I would have felt guilty buying it. The other one I saw was a themed calendar that had to do with a movie my family has never seen. I saw a third calendar, but it was up at the register, and the line literally went almost completely around the store. That line was two people side by side, too! 😳. Standing in line for a couple of hours just for two Reese’s advent calendars seemed a bit……..excessive.

So, I ended up buying some chocolate and stuffing our stockings with enough for a piece of chocolate every day.

My sister and her family are officially in Atlanta. They got there last night. Everyone looked exhausted. Mom and I were discussing about dealing with Gracie on the trip, and we both decided maybe it was best to leave her at home. It’d be awfully stressful on her at her age, and then add on being left alone in the hotel room all day. That’s a lot for her. A lot of stress, at least. So, I think we’ll just plug the radio in and turn it on, and put enough food and water down for her. As long as she has that and some lights on so she can see, I think she’ll be okay. It’s only one and three quarters of a day.

That’s about all I have for now, folks. Today is just prepping for the trip. We’ll be eating between Noon and 1:00 tomorrow, and then we’ll be on the road around 2:00. It’s a bit of a trip, so it’ll be dark by the time we get there. I think tomorrow during dinner,we’ll probably discuss Christmas and if we’ll be going up north or not.

Love you all and until next time, stay safe (and warm) my friends.❤️

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